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Employee Interest Surveys

A valuable tool for wellness committees! Surveys introduce employees to worksite wellness, solicite their involvement and approval, and overall play a big role in helping to launch a successful wellness program.

Use our sample surveys as a starting point for polling your co-workers. Adapt and revise the questions to best fit your needs. 
Sample survey 1
   |   Sample survey 2   |   Sample survey 3 (New)

Once you get your survey questions finalized and survey dates set, you'll need to promote the survey well enough to assure a good response. (Consider these guidelines for response rates: Surveys at worksites with between 40 and 100 employees should have at least 25 responses and aim for 50-75% of all employees. At sites with 100-200 employees aim for 35-50% as your minimum.)
Sample email promotion for your survey:

Dear employees;

Our company is starting a Worksite Wellness program and your input is needed! You can help by going to the following web page:

There you'll find an introductory letter with more info, and a short survey for you to complete. The survey is completely anonymous, and it should only take you a few minutes. Paper surveys are also available.

It's very important that we hear from everyone in order to make our new wellness program successful. So, please complete your survey today, and urge your co- workers to do the same! Please submit your survey no later than _______.

Go to the web page listed above for more info and to take the survey.

Thank you very much!
The Wellness Committee

Sample poster promotion for your survey:
Download a PDF version (455KB)

Click to download a PDF version