Tobacco Free Zone
Direct Mail Campaign

Mailing List:
All Tompkins County workplaces with more than 5 employees (about 1200.)

11 x 17; Original illustrations by Jim Houghton/ The Graphic Touch
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T-Free Zone Poster. Click to download PDF (600K.)

What is a tobacco free zone?

It’s welcoming
Just about everyone agrees that tobacco smoke is unpleasant and unhealthy.
§ A tobacco free zone means a clear, smoke free path so everyone can come and go in comfort.

It supports youth
We all play a part in helping our kids make good choices. Tobacco companies put up storefront ads that sell to youth by making tobacco look appealing and affordable. And these ads are an unwelcome tease for someone trying hard to quit.
§ A tobacco free zone means an ad-free area that supports kids’ efforts to make responsible choices.

It’s good business
Millions of dollars are spent every year to treat disease and disabilities linked directly to tobacco use. Since most of these costs are covered by employee health benefits or Medicaid, they add to the ever growing cost of doing business and the burden of rising property taxes.
§ A tobacco free zone is one small step you can take to help reduce the burden of tobacco use in our community.

How to create a tobacco free zone

Your first T-Free Zone will probably be around your main entryway. You might have additional Zones outside other doors, docks and service bays, or along walkways and parking areas adjacent to your building.*

Move ash trays and cigarette receptacles away from doors, entryways, and other areas included in your T-Free Zone.

If you sell tobacco products, remove advertising and promotional displays from around doors, parking lots, and other areas you include in a T-Free Zone.

Put up a T-Free Zone decal! Show customers, visitors and employees that you have taken a positive step for their health and comfort, for our youth, and for the community.

OR, define a T-Free Zone your own way; make it a personalized step that you, your business or organization takes to help reduce the burden of tobacco use in Tompkins County. Visit our web site for ideas.

For more information, call (607) 274-6712, or visit and click on the Zone link.

Ready To Quit? Call The NYS Smokers’ Quitline:
1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487)
Call the Quitline—See The Smile of an Ex-smoker.

*A T-Free Zone may designate an outdoor area as a no smoking area. All indoor public areas and workplaces and certain outdoor areas of restaurants must be no smoking areas by NYS public health law. For more information about the 2003 NYS Clean Indoor Air Act, visit



Mailing Envelope
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Tompkins County's Newest
Welcome Sign

See inside for free decals and information about your chance to win!


Reply card
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Reply card; click to download PDF.

YES! I have a T-Free Zone decal displayed at my workplace.

T-Free Zone(s) at my workplace:
     Main entryway
     Rear or side exit
     Loading dock or receiving area
     Parking lot or area
     Walkway
     Outdoor sales or display area
     Picnic or recreation area
     Fuel pump area (no tobacco ads)
     Other ______________________________

Please send additional decals: # of front-stick ____; # of back-stick ____

Yes! Enter my workplace in the T-Free Zone prize drawing.*

Name ____________________________
Title _____________________________
Business /Org. _____________________
Address __________________________
City/State/ZIP ______________________
Phone _______________ Email ___________________



Prize list
4.25 x 11; Click to download PDF (97K)

Zone prize list; click to download PDF.

T-Free Zone Participants
Random Drawing

How to enter:
1. Post one of the enclosed T-Free Zone decals at your workplace to mark an outdoor area you want to keep smoke-free and tobacco-free.
2. Complete the enclosed reply card, add a stamp and mail it.

Over $500 in Prizes:*
• TCAT Bus passes
• Gift certificates
• Office supplies
• Business products
• Dining out

PLUS, be one of the first 50* participants and have your workplace recognized in T-Free advertising!

Who may enter:
The drawing is open to all Tompkins County workplaces. Individuals who send in a reply card must be 18 years old or over. Only one registration per workplace, please.

What happens next:
All prizes will be awarded by random drawing of valid reply cards received by September 15, 2006. The drawing will be held the week of September 25, 2006.

*Prizes subject to change without notice. Final list of prizes available by request on or after September 15, 2006. First 50 participants based on receipt of qualifying reply card.

For more information and updates:
Call 274-6712


4 x 4.5

Tobacco Free Tompkins

We Keep this Area
Smoke Free
& Tobacco Free


Advertising support for the direct mail campaign

Print ad series (breaks June 29 ’06):

Tobacco Free Tompkins introduces the T-Free Zone
Tompkins County's Newest
Welcome Sign

A Tobacco Free Zone means a clear, smoke free path so everyone can come and go in comfort.
Look for Tobacco Free Zones soon at businesses and workplaces across Tompkins County. Learn more at

Version #2:
A Tobacco Free Zone means an ad-free area that supports kids’ efforts to make responsible choices.

Version #3:
A Tobacco Free Zone is one small step to help reduce the burden of tobacco use in our community.