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Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Element

Final Element

On December 16, 2008, the Tompkins County Legislature approved an amendment to the County’s Comprehensive Plan to address the issue of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.  The amendment sets in motion a multi-faceted plan for the Tompkins County community to reduce energy demand, improve energy efficiency, make the transition to renewable sources of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the county by at least 2 percent of the 2008 level for each of the next 40 years, achieving at least an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

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Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan

Adopted in the 2004, the Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan contains: Principles, Policies and Actions that will help guide the County in decisions that influence regional development, involve inter-governmental cooperation, and affect the quality of life in neighborhoods and communities. It provides a framework to address community goals in a proactive and coordinated manner.

  Five-Year Progress Report on Comprehensive Plan Implementation (November 2010)  
  The Entire Document 16 MB  
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  Cover, Forward, Table of Contents,Acknowledgements 0.7 MB  
  Introduction 1.3 MB  
  The Value of a Comprehensive Plan  
  Regional Cooperation  
  Listening to Community Voices  
  Coordinating with Other Efforts  
  Principles of the Comprehensive Plan  
  Tompkins County Overview 1.3MB  
  History of Settlement  
  Our Demographic Profile  
  Geology and Natural Surroundings  
  What Lies Ahead  
  Interlocking Pieces: Housing, Transportation, and Jobs 6.4MB  
  Housing Choices  
  Transportation Choices  
  Jobs and Business  
  Rural Resources   
  Interlocking Pieces: The Environment 5.5MB  
  Water Resources   
  Natural Features  

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions .8MB

  Interlocking Pieces: Neighborhoods and Communities 4.5MB  
  Strong Communities  
  Centers of Development  
  Efficient Use of Public Funds  
  Implementation and Impact Analysis 3.3MB  
  Implementation of Priority Actions  
  Future Development Scenarios  
  Fiscal Impact Analysis  
  Tompkins County Legislature Mission and Vision Statements 1.1 MB  

Appendices (published separately)

  • Summary of Public Outreach and Public Comments Received
  • List of Resources
  • Natural Features Focus Areas Identification System
  • Possible Future Issues and Actions
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis Details
  • State Environmental Quality Review Act Environmental Assessment Form

Printed copies of the Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan are available for purchase at the County Planning Department, 121 East Court Street, Ithaca, NY (map it). A copy is also on file for review at each of the local libraries and municipal halls.




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