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Water Resources Council

The Tompkins County Water Resources Council (WRC) advises the Tompkins County Legislature on matters related to water resources management and planning, and is charged with identifying problems, proposing priorities, and promoting the coordination of activities in the management and protection of the County's water resources. The WRC provides a public forum for local communities and stakeholder groups to address and discuss their water resources concerns, and it is the intent of the group to coordinate the water resources-related efforts of local governments, public and private institutions, and agencies and organizations throughout the County.

Up-to-date progress in the fight against hydrilla in Cayuga Inlet: Hydrilla Verticillata

New York State's new law to prevent the spread of invasive species (7/27/2012):

Tompkins County's new law to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (7/17/2012):

WRC provides Sample Local Law on Wetlands, Watercourse, and Water Body Protection. Posted May 22, 2012.

WRC comments to DEC on proposed modified SPDES permit for Cornell University Lake Source Cooling. Posted February 7, 2013.

WRC comments to US Environmental Protection Agency and DEC on possibility of Total Maximum Daily Loads for Cayuga Lake. Posted February 7, 2013.

WRC letter to Governor Cuomo concerning revised proposed regulations for horizontal gas drilling issues that were outside the scope of the DEC comment period. Posted February 7, 2013.

WRC sends DEC comments on the revised proposed regulations for horizontal gas drilling. Posted January 11, 2013.

WRC sends DEC comments on the proposed regulations for horizontal gas drilling. Posted January 4, 2012.

WRC shares its final comments to DEC on the draft supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement on horizontal gas drilling. Posted December 5, 2011.


We Welcome Visitors!

Residents of Tompkins County are invited to attend meetings of the WRC and apply for WRC membership (application form).   Membership in the WRC is a great opportunity for citizens to provide input into the decisions that are made about our local environment. The Water Resources Council meets the third Monday of each month from 4:15 to 6:00 PM at the Transit Center located at 737 Willow Avenue, Ithaca. Meetings that conflict with federal holidays are rescheduled.  There is usually no meeting in August. To contact us email or call Kathy Wilsea, Secretary, Tompkins County Planning Department, or  (607) 274-5560. Learn more about us.


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