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Meeting Agenda
March 09, 2010

Rice Conference Room
12:00 Noon

12:00 I. Call to Order
12:01 II. Privilage of the Floor — Anyone may address the Board of Health for a maximum of 3 minutes
12:04 III. Approval of February 9, 2010 Minutes (2 mins.)
12:06 III. Financial Summary (9 mins.)

IV. Old Business (15 mins.)

  • Administration
  • Medical Director's Report
  • Division for Community Health
  • Children with Special Care Needs
  • County Attorney's Report
  • Environmental Health
12:30 V. New Business

Administration (5 mins.)

  1. Report from Nominating Committee on Physician vacancy (5 mins.)

Division for Community Health (5 mins.)

  1. Approval for new Zostavax Vaccine Policy (5 mins.)

Environmental Health (50 mins.)

Enforcement Actions

Resolution Regarding Violations of Part 14-1 of the New York State Sanitary Code – food out of temperature (5 mins.)

  1. Yan Fei Huang, Owner/Operator; Cajun Café, T-Ithaca

Regarding Violations of Subpart 5-1.51(b) of the New York State Sanitary Code – failure to submit annual nitrate sampling results for – (30 mins.)

  1. Ishka Alpern, Owner/Operator; Thorpe Apartments, T-Dryden
  2. Don Barber and Rite Rosenbery, Owners/Operators; Sunrise Barn Apartments, T-Caroline
  3. Wayne Woodward, Owner/Operator; Deerfield Apartments, T-Dryden
  4. Joshua Adams, Owner/Operator; Banner Apartments, T-Caroline 5. John and Elizabeth Hamilton, Owners/Operators; John Joseph Inn, T-Lansing

Resolutions Regarding Violations of Subpart 5-1.51(b) of the New York State Sanitary Code – failure to submit coliform sampling results for – (10 mins.)

  1. Allan Tallman, Operator; Dryden Central Schools (Freeville Elementary and Cassavant Elementary), T-Dryden
  2. Rick Darfler, Operator; Franziska Racker Center, Inc., T-Ulysses
  3. George Michelis, Owner/Operator; A-1 Pizzeria, T-Dryden 
  4. Richard Holgate, Owner/Operator; Pinecreek Campground, T-Newfield

Resolutions Regarding Timetables of Compliance for Part 5-1 of the New York State Sanitary Code – Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI) (5 mins.)

  1. Debby Halpern, Owner/Operator; Brookton’s Market, T-Caroline 
  2. Cory Hohwald, Owner/Operator, Gleenwood Pines, T-Ulysses



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