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Meeting Agenda
January 13, 2009

Rice Conference Room
12:00 Noon

12:00 I. Call to Order
12:02 II. Approval of December 9th Minutes (3 mins.)
12:05 III. Financial Summary (10 mins.)

IV. Old Business (15 mins.)

  • Administration
  • Medical Director's Report
  • Division for Community Health
  • Children with Special Care Needs
  • County Attorney's Report
  • Environmental Health

V. New Business


Division for Community Health (25 mins.)

  1. Approval of Revised Policy/Procedure: Patient Fall Assessment and Documentation Policy/Procedure (5 mins.)

Environmental Health (35 mins.)

Enforcement Actions

  1. Yeshi Tsondu, Owner/Operator, Cajun Café Grill, V-Lansing; New York State Sanitary Code Part 14-1 Violation (Food Service Establishment) (5 mins.)
  2. Mr. Kenneth P. Fiero, Fraternal Order of Eagles #1253, C-Ithaca; Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) Waiver Renewal Request (5 mins.)

For Discussion and/or Vote:

  1. Owasco Lake Watershed Regulations Implementation in Tompkins County and Potential Board of Health Enforcement (10 mins.)
  2. Decision on Proposed Revision to the Tompkins County Sanitary Code, Article VII Water Supply (10 mins.) (Held over from December)
  3. Proposed Mold Policy (5 mins.)



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