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Census HandsBelow is a list of some of our most requested Census Maps. Please be aware that these are based on 2000 Census. For more info on the 2010 Census check here external link. Our participation is at 75% overall for this year. Thanks to all who took the 10 minutes and was counted ! It helps our community. You will need Adobe Acrobat Readerpdf link to Open and Print these maps. Remember to "fit to printable area." Printer

census_popleFor Redistricting Information and prelim stats by block for Tomkiins County check out the Tompkins County redistricting site. (click on interactive map to get map) Tabular stats can be found on the Planning Census Site.

Image Name Author Year Size Comment
TC Urban Small Census 2000 Urban Areas link to pdf Tompkins County Planning 2000 325 KB Census designated Urban areas in Tompkins County.
TC Tracts Small Census Tracts 2000 link to pdf Tompkins County Planning 2000 547 KB Census Tract Boundaries in Tompkins County with City of Ithaca Inset.
Population Density Population Density 1990 link to pdf Tompkins County Planning 1999 1.60 MB 1990 Population desnity in Tompkins County with City and Town of Ithaca Inset