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The District Attorney’s office prosecutes traffic tickets and, as part of that responsibility, also makes offers to resolve tickets in writing.  Please note that written dispositions can only be accommodated in cases in which the charges do not involve misdemeanors.  If you are charged with any misdemeanor (e.g., Driving While Intoxicated ["DWI”] or Aggravated Unlicensed Operation [“AUO”]), you must appear in person in court.  For instructions on how to request a written proposal for resolving your traffic ticket(s) please click here.

If you have an upcoming court date on a traffic ticket, only the court can excuse your appearance.  If you fail to appear in court, the court can suspend your driver’s license.  If you wish to request that an upcoming appearance be rescheduled, you must contact the court directly.  Contact information for the courts in Tompkins County can be found by clicking here

The New York state Department of Motor Vehicles (the “DMV”) is the entity responsible for the issuance of driver’s licenses, the registration of motor vehicles and a myriad of other functions relating to the Vehicle and Traffic law.  If you are curious about the effect of a conviction for a traffic offense(s) on your license, contact the DMV either in person (at any DMV office) or visit the DMV website by clicking here.  Please note that the District Attorney’s office cannot provide any advice as to the DMV consequences upon conviction of a traffic ticket(s).