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Tompkins County Assessment

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  Tax Rate Information
  - History of Tax Rate informatin in Tompkins County - including the most up to date tax rates available.
How to Estimate Taxes Due
- How to estimate your taxes due.
Top 10 Taxpayers - Tompkins County
  - Who pays the most in property tax in Tompkins County?
Taxable Status Date
  - All real property is valued as of this date...what are the other important dates?
Exemptions  in Tompkins County
  - My assessment is correct but my taxes are too high.  Do I qualify for any exemptions?
Apportionment Request Form
  - I'm selling a piece of my property.  How much does the new owner owe me in taxes?
Municipal Tax Base Changes
  - History of municipal tax base changes
School District Tax Base Changes
  - History of school district tax base changes
Tax Collector Information
 - Who do I contact regarding local tax bills?




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Phone: 607-274-5517 Fax 607-274-5507
 Hours - M-F 8:00 to 4:30
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